Alicante Airport

How to get to Moraira from Alicante Airport

Traveling to Moraira from Alicante Airport offers a scenic journey through the picturesque landscapes of the Costa Blanca, leading you to a charming coastal town renowned for its pristine beaches, serene atmosphere, and vibrant local culture. Whether you're embarking on a leisurely holiday or a brief escapade, understanding the best routes and modes of transport can significantly enhance your travel experience. This comprehensive guide outlines everything you need to know to make your journey to Moraira from Alicante Airport as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Getting to Know Alicante Airport

Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC), located in the southeast of Spain, is the primary gateway for travelers heading to the Costa Blanca region. It is well-equipped with a range of facilities to cater to the needs of international and domestic travelers. The airport is situated approximately 80 kilometers from Moraira, making it the most convenient entry point for visitors to this quaint seaside town.

Transportation Options to Moraira

Several transportation options are available for travelers looking to reach Moraira from Alicante Airport. These include car rentals, taxis, private transfer services, and public buses. Each mode of transport offers its advantages, depending on your preferences, budget, and group size.

Car Rental

Renting a car is one of the most flexible and convenient ways to travel from Alicante Airport to Moraira. It allows you the freedom to explore the scenic routes at your own pace, making stops along the way to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coast. Several reputable car rental agencies operate within the airport, offering a range of vehicles to suit various needs and budgets. Remember to book in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure the best rates and ensure availability.

Driving Directions:

  • From the airport, follow the signs to the AP-7 motorway.
  • Take the AP-7 towards Valencia.
  • Exit the AP-7 at the Teulada-Moraira exit.
  • Follow the signs directing you to Moraira.

The journey typically takes around an hour, depending on traffic conditions.

Taxi Service

Taxis are readily available outside the arrivals hall at Alicante Airport. This option provides a direct and hassle-free way to reach Moraira. While it's more expensive than public transportation, it's ideal for those looking for convenience or traveling in a group. The fare to Moraira is usually fixed, but it's advisable to confirm the price with the driver before departing.

Private Transfer Services

Private transfer services offer a pre-booked, personalized travel option. This can be an attractive choice for those seeking a stress-free journey, as a driver will meet you at the arrivals hall and take you directly to your destination in Moraira. Private transfers can be especially cost-effective for larger groups or families, providing a comfortable and efficient way to travel.

Public Bus

Public transportation is the most budget-friendly option, though it requires a bit more time and planning. Direct bus services from Alicante Airport to Moraira are limited, so travelers may need to take a bus to Alicante city center or Benidorm first, then transfer to a bus heading to Moraira.

  1. Alicante Airport to Alicante Central Bus Station: Frequent bus services connect the airport to the city center, where you can catch a connecting bus to Moraira.
  2. Alicante Airport to Benidorm, then Benidorm to Moraira: Another option is to take a bus or shuttle service to Benidorm, then transfer to a bus that goes to Moraira.

It's important to check the latest bus schedules and routes, as they can change seasonally.

Tips for a Smooth Journey

  • Book in Advance: Whether you're renting a car, booking a taxi, or arranging a private transfer, it's wise to book in advance. This ensures availability and often secures better rates.
  • Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers rental cars and personal liability, especially if you're driving in a foreign country.
  • Local SIM Card or Roaming: To stay connected and navigate easily, consider getting a local SIM card or ensuring your mobile phone has international roaming activated.
  • Check the Weather: Coastal areas can have unpredictable weather. Check the forecast for your travel dates and plan accordingly.

Exploring Moraira

Once in Moraira, you'll find a variety of attractions and activities to enjoy. From its stunning beaches like El Portet and L'Ampolla to its historic castle and vibrant market, Moraira offers a perfect blend of leisure and exploration. Don't miss out on the local cuisine, which features fresh seafood and traditional Spanish dishes.


Traveling from Alicante Airport to Moraira can be a seamless and enjoyable part of your holiday experience with proper planning. Whether you prefer the independence of a rental car, the comfort of a taxi or private transfer, or the economy of public transport, there are options to suit every traveler's needs. Once in Moraira, the charm of this coastal town is sure to make your journey worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the transportation options from Alicante Airport to Moraira?

Travelers can choose between car rentals, taxis, private transfer services, and public buses to reach Moraira from Alicante Airport

How long does it take to drive from Alicante Airport to Moraira?

The drive from Alicante Airport to Moraira typically takes around an hour, depending on traffic conditions

Are there direct bus services from Alicante Airport to Moraira?

Direct bus services are limited; travelers may need to take a bus to Alicante city center or Benidorm first, then transfer to a bus heading to Moraira

Is it better to book a taxi or a private transfer in advance to get to Moraira?

Yes, booking a taxi or private transfer in advance is recommended for better rates and guaranteed availability, especially during peak travel seasons

What are some must-see attractions in Moraira?

Moraira is known for its beautiful beaches like El Portet and L'Ampolla, historic castle, vibrant market, and delicious local cuisine