Paella Valenciana

Moraira Gastronomy – 10 BEST Local Dishes to Try

Nestled on the Spanish Costa Blanca, Moraira is a gem of culinary delights, reflecting the rich tapestry of Mediterranean cuisine infused with local traditions. This picturesque coastal town is not just a haven for beach lovers but a gastronome's paradise. Here, the fresh catch from the sea meets the bounty of the fertile lands, creating a vibrant food scene that's both traditional and innovative. Let's embark on a delicious journey through the 10 best local dishes that Moraira has to offer.

1. Paella Valenciana

No gastronomic exploration in Moraira, or anywhere in the Valencian region, would be complete without savoring the iconic Paella Valenciana. Unlike its seafood variations popular in other parts of Spain, the traditional version here focuses on a hearty mix of chicken, rabbit, green beans, and butter beans. Infused with saffron and cooked in a wide, shallow pan, this dish is a communal feast, reflecting the warmth and hospitality of the local culture.

2. Arroz a Banda

A testament to the coastal town's love affair with rice and seafood, Arroz a Banda is a must-try. This dish is simplicity at its best, featuring rice cooked in a rich fish stock, garnished with a variety of seafood like squid and shrimp. Served with a side of alioli, the garlic mayonnaise adds a creamy texture and a punch of flavor, making each bite unforgettable.

3. Fideuà

For those who prefer noodles over rice, Fideuà is a delightful alternative. Similar to paella but made with short, thin noodles instead of rice, this dish is cooked in a savory fish broth and loaded with shellfish and fish pieces. It's often served with a dollop of alioli, contrasting the crispy noodles with a smooth, rich finish.

4. Zarzuela de Mariscos

Zarzuela de Mariscos is a luxurious seafood stew, perfect for those who want to indulge in the freshest catch from the Mediterranean. This opulent dish combines a variety of seafood like lobster, prawns, mussels, and fish in a tomato and wine sauce, flavored with herbs and spices. It's a symphony of flavors that celebrates the abundance of the sea.

5. Esgarraet

A simple yet flavorful salad, Esgarraet blends roasted red peppers with salted cod, all dressed in ample olive oil and garlic. Often enjoyed as a starter or a side dish, it's a testament to the Spanish knack for turning simple ingredients into a dish that's bursting with flavor.

6. Cocas

Resembling a pizza or flatbread, Cocas are a versatile dish found in various forms throughout Moraira. The base, similar to a thin, crispy pizza crust, is topped with a range of ingredients, from fresh vegetables to anchovies or tuna, creating a light yet satisfying meal or snack at any time of the day.

7. Calamares Rellenos

Stuffed squid, or Calamares Rellenos, is a popular dish that showcases the creativity of Moraira's culinary scene. The squid is filled with a tantalizing mixture of its own tentacles, ground meat, and spices, then cooked in a tomato-based sauce. It's a rich, flavorful dish that perfectly balances the sweetness of the squid with the savory filling.

8. Allioli

Though more of a condiment than a dish, Allioli is a fundamental part of Moraira's gastronomy. Made with garlic and olive oil, this creamy sauce accompanies many dishes, adding depth and richness. Whether spread over bread or paired with seafood and meats, Allioli is the heart of many local delicacies.

9. Turrón

Moving on to sweets, Turrón is a traditional confection that's especially popular during the Christmas season. This almond nougat candy comes in various textures, from hard and crunchy to soft and chewy. Made with almonds, honey, sugar, and egg whites, Turrón is a beloved treat that reflects the Moorish influence on Spanish cuisine.

10. Olla de la Plana

Olla de la Plana is a hearty, traditional stew that exemplifies the rustic, comforting flavors of Moraira's inland culinary traditions. This dish is a celebration of the local produce and legumes, combining pork, beef, chicken, or rabbit with a rich variety of vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, and turnips, alongside indispensable white beans. What sets Olla de la Plana apart is its slow cooking process, which melds the flavors together in a deep, savory broth, often thickened with a bit of rice or pasta.


Moraira's gastronomy is a vibrant celebration of land and sea, tradition and innovation. Each dish tells a story of cultural influences, local ingredients, and culinary creativity. From the communal paella to the personal pleasure of a glass of Mistela, dining in Moraira is an experience that connects you to the heart and soul of the Mediterranean. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or a curious traveler, the flavors of Moraira are sure to leave a lasting impression, making every meal an unforgettable part of your journey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is traditional Paella Valenciana made of?

Traditional Paella Valenciana consists of chicken, rabbit, green beans, butter beans, saffron, and rice, reflecting the authentic Valencian culinary tradition

Can I find seafood alternatives to traditional rice dishes in Moraira?

Yes, in Moraira, you can enjoy seafood variations of traditional dishes, such as Arroz a Banda and Fideuà, which offer a delightful taste of the Mediterranean Sea

What makes Allioli a fundamental part of Moraira's gastronomy?

Allioli, a garlic and olive oil sauce, is a staple in Moraira's cuisine, enriching various dishes with its creamy texture and rich flavor, showcasing the simplicity and depth of Spanish condiments

Are there any local sweet treats to try in Moraira?

Turrón, a traditional almond nougat candy, is a must-try sweet treat in Moraira, especially popular during the Christmas season, highlighting the Moorish influence on Spanish confections

What makes Olla de la Plana unique to Moraira?

Olla de la Plana stands out in Moraira's cuisine for its slow-cooked blend of meats and local vegetables, like pumpkin and turnips, in a savory broth, reflecting the town's rich agricultural heritage and communal dining culture.