Supermarkets in Moraira: A Comprehensive Guide

Moraira, a picturesque coastal town on Spain's Costa Blanca, offers not just stunning beaches and a relaxed lifestyle but also a variety of shopping options catering to both locals and international visitors. Among these, supermarkets play a crucial role in providing essentials, gourmet products, and a taste of home for expatriates. This guide delves into the supermarkets that stand out in Moraira for their quality, variety, and services.

1. Pepe la Sal

Starting with Pepe la Sal, this supermarket chain is renowned for its wide selection of both local Spanish products and international goods, making it a favorite among expatriates and locals alike. With a focus on quality, Pepe la Sal offers fresh produce, a comprehensive butchery section, and a bakery with freshly baked goods daily. Their wine selection is notable, featuring local Spanish wines alongside international favorites. The friendly staff and clean, well-organized environment make shopping here a pleasant experience.

2. Overseas

Overseas Supermarket caters to those looking for a taste of home, stocking a wide range of British and other international products. From British sausages and bacon to teas and biscuits, Overseas is the go-to spot for expatriates missing their home comforts. The supermarket also offers a selection of fresh produce, meats, and cheeses, ensuring that shoppers can find almost everything they need in one place

3. SuperCOR Exprés

SuperCOR Exprés, part of the El Corte Inglés group, offers a convenient shopping experience with a wide range of products. Open long hours, it caters to early risers and late-night shoppers alike. The store is well-stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and a variety of pantry staples. The emphasis here is on convenience, with a layout that makes it easy to find what you're looking for quickly.

4. Carrefour Market

Carrefour Market in Moraira brings the reliability and variety of a global supermarket chain to the local scene. Shoppers can find an extensive selection of goods, from fresh local produce and seafood to international products. The bakery section offers a variety of bread, pastries, and cakes, baked fresh daily. Carrefour Market also features a competitive selection of wines, spirits, and other beverages.

5. masymas

Masymas is a supermarket chain that focuses on providing quality products at competitive prices. The store in Moraira is no exception, offering a broad range of fresh produce, meats, and seafood. The bakery section features a variety of bread and pastries, and there's also a good selection of local and international wines. Masymas prides itself on customer service, with a friendly and helpful staff.

6. Lidl

Lidl brings its international reputation for quality at low prices to Moraira. The supermarket is known for its weekly specials on a variety of items, from groceries to household goods. Lidl's selection includes a mix of international and local products, with a strong emphasis on quality for price. The store's layout is designed for efficiency, making it easy to navigate and find what you need.

7. Tienda Supercor Stop & Go

Tienda Supercor Stop & Go is designed for the shopper on the go. This convenience-oriented branch of the Supercor chain offers a curated selection of items that cater to quick shopping trips. Whether you need to grab a quick snack, essential groceries, or ready-to-eat meals, Tienda Supercor Stop & Go has you covered. It's perfect for those days when time is of the essence but quality cannot be compromised.

Shopping Experience in Moraira

Each supermarket in Moraira offers a unique shopping experience, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for local Spanish products, international goods, convenience shopping, or budget-friendly options, Moraira's supermarkets have something for everyone. The presence of both local chains and international brands ensures that residents and visitors can enjoy a diverse range of products.


Moraira's supermarkets reflect the town's cosmopolitan nature, catering to a diverse community with varying tastes and needs. From Pepe la Sal's extensive selection of quality products to Lidl's focus on affordability, each supermarket has its unique strengths. Shopping in Moraira is not just about stocking up on essentials; it's about enjoying the variety and quality that these stores bring to the community. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, the supermarkets in Moraira ensure that your culinary needs are well catered to, enhancing the overall experience of living in or visiting this beautiful part of Spain

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What supermarkets are available in Moraira?

Moraira offers a variety of supermarkets including Pepe la Sal, Overseas, SuperCOR Exprés, Carrefour Market, masymas, Lidl, and Tienda Supercor Stop & Go

Can I find international products in Moraira's supermarkets?

Yes, supermarkets like Pepe la Sal and Overseas specialize in offering a wide range of international products, catering to expatriates and locals looking for a taste of home

Are there any budget-friendly supermarkets in Moraira?

Lidl is known for its quality products at low prices, offering weekly specials on groceries and household goods, making it a budget-friendly option

Which supermarket in Moraira has the best selection of fresh produce?

Carrefour Market and masymas are renowned for their extensive selection of fresh local produce, meats, and seafood

Is there a convenience supermarket in Moraira for quick shopping?

Tienda Supercor Stop & Go offers a curated selection of items that cater to quick shopping trips, perfect for when you’re on the go