Age limit car hire in Moraira

Age Limit Car Hire Moraira

Car rental age limit in Moraira. Which age limit is required to rent a car in Moraira, Spain? In this article we talk about how old you have to be to rent a rental car in Moraira. Then you avoid any surprises and drawbacks with no rental car when you are going on your holiday.

All car hire companies in Moraira have their own rules that you have to pay attention to. This means that you have to check with each company what is required to rent a car in Javea. In this article we tell you what is most common and what conditions they require for young drivers.

Lower age limit for car hire in Javea

Most car rental companies have a lower age limit of 21 years. There are several reasons for this, but the most important reason is about the insurance on the car. Yes there are most accidents in traffic for those who are under 21 years of age. Therefore, the insurance that the company pays for the car is also more expensive if they are to hire a car to a person under the age of 21. Many companies also have additional fees for renters under 25 years of age.

The Age of the driver is important

Spain rental car age restrictions require a minimum driver age of 21 and many suppliers will set their minimum higher at 23. There are no maximum age restrictions, but any driver under 25 will incur extra young driver surcharges of around €20 per day. You might think that age doesn’t play such a big role, but it does. If there is an accident and the driver is below the age limit that the company accepts, you risk a large liability. Then the standard insurance on the car will not be accidentally valid.

But if you are a young driver, it`s still possible to rent a car in Moraira. Some companies have a lower limit of 19 years, in addition one must have had a driver’s license for a minimum of 1 year. You have to accept an extra cost for renting the car, so you have to take that into account.

Our advice is to always check in advance what age limit is required for car hire in Moraira before booking. Then you avoid surprises and know what you have to deal with beforehand.

Age limit when you rent a car with

The minimum age to rent a car as authorized driver is 22 years old with a minimum age of driver´s licence of 2 years. If you have any question about age restrictions when renting car with, give us a call +34 653 221 333 ( Monday to Sunday 10.00am – 10.00pm ).

If you are younger than 24 years old or not having a minimum of 2 years of driver´s licence, you will have to pay for an optional insurance “Novice Driver” to figure as authorized driver, and will be required to take the Super Relax Insurance for that driver. The novice driver insurance costs from 12 euro exstra a day.

Car hire age requirement facts for Moraira

  • Rental car age requirements are determined independently by each car hire company in Moraira. – Car rentals in Moraira for 18 year olds are possible, and even though the minimum legal driving age in most European countries is younger than 18, each respective car rental company can choose who they will or will not rent to and can set their own rules and restrictions.
  • Car rental age limits in Moraira are based on the terms and conditions from the car hire company you rent in. – The only car rental age restrictions that will apply to you will be detailed in the terms and conditions of your rental contract, but national laws will still apply if you plan on driving to different countries. Always be sure to read up on driving laws in any country you intend on visiting and give prior notice if you plan on driving a rental car internationally.
  • Young driver surcharges are incurred by rental suppliers and paid locally. – If your age requires you to pay an additional fee according to the terms and conditions of your rental car contract, the additional amount will not be included in your pre-paid rate , and will need to be paid locally at the rental desk when you pick up your vehicle.
  • Rental car age restrictions in Moraira may require you to purchase insurance. – If you are a senior driver or younger driver, particularly those looking to rent a car under 21, you may be required to purchase an inclusive rate rather than opting for a basic rate or using insurance provided by a credit card.
  • Car rental age requirements in Moraira may restrict you from renting certain vehicles. – Many rental companies in Moraira will set higher age limits for specialty and luxury vehicles. Vehicles in the economy and compact classes will always have the fewest age-related restrictions.

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