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Hertz car hire in Moraira, Spain. Do you need a car hire from Hertz in Moraira? Then you can use our search engine for rental cars below and get the best price on your rental car. Call booking +34 653 221 333 for cheap car hire in Moraira.

Hertz car rental in Moraira

Car hire Hertz in Moraira
Hertz Car Hire Moraira
Hertz is one of the world’s leading car rental companies, operating from 7,700 offices in 145 countries worldwide. Hertz is the world’s largest rental car rental and number 1 rental agency in the United States and at the 69 largest airports in Europe. Today, Hertz Worldwide Reservation Centers handles approximately 40 million phone calls and delivers approximately 30 million reservations annually.

Hertz has more than 80 rental agencies across Spain that ensure you get on the road whenever and wherever you want. Experience pintxos in San Sebastian, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Gaudí’s amazing architecture in Barcelona or Flamenco in Seville. Hertz has rental offices in Spain’s most popular cities, including Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, as well as at the country’s largest airports and train stations. You can also find Hertz along the coast of Spain, for example in Malaga and Alicante, as well as in islands like Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Majorca and Ibiza. At Hertz, you can rent a car at competitive prices and choose from Spain’s largest selection of car hire, whether you need a vans or minibus. Start your journey today with Hertz car hire.

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Miniguide Moraira

Car hire in Moraira
Car hire Moraira
Moraira in Spain is a fishing village and has not forgotten its roots. The town is located just north of Calpe. Although Moraira has grown in recent years to become one of the most popular destinations on the Costa Blanca, they have not sold all the way to the tourist boom and are not bothered by tall buildings and overpopulation as other resorts.

Moraira is a municipality in the province of Alicante, 110 km south of Valencia, and only 80 km north of Alicante, both cities have international airports. With 8km of coastline and a total area of ​​32km2, Moraira offers an unusually geographic environment. The Cap d’Or Peninsula is a mountain coastline with many cliffs, golden beaches and hidden bays, with an exceptionally crystal clear water. The Mediterranean climate here has an annual average temperature of 18 degrees. About 14,000 people live between Moraira and the neighboring town of Teulada, the site has a large proportion of European foreigners. At the foot of the city’s castle, right in the center, is the beach “L’Ampolla”, the most popular and visited beach in the area. North lies the beach “Portet” which consists of a fine sand and with a calm and clear water. Perfect for a relaxing swim.

Moraira has more than 2000 hectares of farmland and 1000 hectares of vineyards. Farmers area where they cultivate Muscatel grapes for wine production. The permanent population of Moraira has increased to as many as 30,000 during the summer season. The rich history of the city shows that there have been people who have lived here for thousands of years and have grown from a small fishing village to a popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. In the center is the traditional fishing port and Moraira’s boat club, considered one of the best of its kind in the Valencia region. With 620 moorings and all the facilities you can imagine. The old town offers a place where you can sit back at one of the many restaurants and cafes or bars and enjoy life. Do some shopping in the many shops full of charm. You can and stroll through the quaint, narrow streets, where most will lead you to the castle. Moraira is a perfect place for those seeking nature and tranquility.

The area around Moraira has plenty of places to visit for a day out, and if you rent a car in Moraira you will be able to easily travel around and experience real Spain with many different attractions. The local language is Valenciano and was brought to the region of 13th century Catalonia builders who replaced the Moors on their expulsion. After the ban on Valenciano after Franco, the language is now widely used around Moraira. Valenciano rather than castilean, used and at school in Moraira. You will see castilian names sometimes covered with black spray paint on the road signs. The recent local nationalist movement has triumphed and many road signs carry ONLY the Valenciano version of the name. This sometimes makes it difficult for visitors. Jalón is now Xaló and Javea is Xabia. Still, with some imagination in the pronunciation of the written word, it is quite easy to find your way around.

Car hire tips Hertz in Moraira

  • Always order as early as possible. In high season there is a struggle for rental cars in Spain. This means that prices will be higher, if you book on the internet as early as possible, the chance will be great for getting a Hertz car hire at a much cheaper price than by booking when you arrive in Spain.
  • After ordering, check the confirmation email you receive by email. You must bring this with you when you pick up the car. In addition, you must bring the credit card to which the car is ordered, passport and valid driver’s license.
  • Read the Hertz contract carefully before signing. If it is in Spanish, so ask for it in English. In particular, check with insurance, deposit, and fuel conditions.
  • Once you have received a key and will pick up your car, take a round of the car and check for bumps, broken lights, and scratches.

  • Contact information Hertz Moraira

    Hertz Alicante Airport
    Address: Alicante Airport, 03195 Alicante, Spain
    Phone: 0034 902 377 337
    GPS: 38,287174, -0.557427

    Hertz Alicante Train Station
    Address: Avenida de la Estacion, 20
    Phone: 0034 965 922 587

    Hertz Valencia Airport
    Address: Valencia Airport 46940 Valencia, Spain
    Phone: +34 961 52 37 91
    GPS: 38,287174, -0.557427

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